Tunisia Synagogue Shooting Toll Rises To Five

The solely freshwater sources on the island are a couple of wells within the northeast and rainwater captured by cisterns. This limits native agriculture to date palms of mediocre high quality, olive bushes, fruit bushes, and some grains and legumes. The practices relating to the interactions between men and women present another fascinating aspect of the group. In general, Djerbian ladies don’t go to shul, If you are you looking for more about екскурия джерба look into our web-site. and many of the shuls don’t have women’s sections.

Djerba is not a huge tourist vacation spot yet, so let me provide the DL. This small island is off the coast of southern Tunisia in northern Africa recognized for its Mediterranean seashores and coastal towns. The island has a long historical background of multiculturalism and tolerance with a mix of Berber, Arab, Jewish and African tradition. I love selecting up handmade rattan luggage, leather slippers, pottery and embroidered cushions when I’m travelling in Tunisia.

According to organisers, greater than 5,000 Jewish faithful, largely from overseas, participated on this year’s pilgrimage to Ghriba. The event resumed in 2022 after two years of pandemic-related suspension. The officer at a naval set up in Djerba shot a colleague and seized his ammunition on Tuesday and headed towards the Ghriba synagogue, the Tunisian inside ministry said. The remains that survive right now date mainly from the 2nd century AD and embody a Roman tub advanced; the discussion board; the Temple of Apollo, Concord and Hercules; and the Temple of Dionysus.

As in different current visits to the Jews of Tunisia, my guide in Djerba was my expensive friend Moshe Uzan, assistant to the chief rabbi of Tunisia. Moshe, who was born and raised in Tunis, lower than a 10-minute stroll from my family’s ancestral residence, was the first one to guide me via the streets of Tunis to help me discover remnants of Jewish life I had by no means seen earlier than. Since our first encounter three years ago, our relationship has been certainly one of a profound sense of connection. I was born and raised in France of Tunisian Muslim mother and father who taught me concerning the Jews that they had identified in Tunis, the place Moshe was born, raised and nonetheless lives. Standing aspect by facet together, on the Ghriba, I felt that Moshe and I were writing a brand new chapter of Muslim-Jewish coexistence in Tunisia.

These service provider inns mixed sleeping quarters, animal stabling, and warehouse storage for the various touring retailers who traversed North Africa, buying up salt, spices, and textiles to take again to Europe. Their typical construction normally took the shape of a collection of rooms, several tales excessive, constructed around an arcaded courtyard. There are so many more customs and fascinating information about this group, and little or no has been published in English that efficiently depicts the unique nature of the neighborhood. However, even a thorough article can not actually illustrate the Djerbian neighborhood, and it actually takes being there in person to grasp the lives of the Jews on this small island. While many Sephardim do not fall into the neat categories of non secular ranges and group affiliations often utilized by Ashkenazic Jews, this is especially true of Djerbians.

This distinctive nature manifests itself most clearly throughout the island’s minhagim. For example, while Ashkenazic Jews exterior of Israel only recite Birkat Kohanim on holidays and Sephardim and Israelis carry out it every day, Djerbian Jews say it every Shabbat. Djerba is also the one place on the earth where the shofar is blown before Shabbat, notifying the residents to cease working. While some individuals might have heard of Djerba for its famed metropolis of Kohanim, right now, just a few families of Kohanim remain, and remarkably, there is not a single Levi on the whole island.

History has proven us again and again that one of the biggest hurdles in the path of organized left-wing efforts has been the hierarchization of decision-making. The latest camaraderie that has been developing between the heads of the UGTT in Tunis and the federal government of “technocrats” doesn’t bode well for the future of the trade union. These two southern cities proceed to writhe underneath the toxic wastes of the mining and chemical-oriented industries. You seldom here about it on nationwide tv, or see it approached in any severe manner outdoors the closed rooms of regional roundtables.

Evidently, the methods needed to battle industrial air pollution should be rather more focused than the ones in Djerba. These are long run tasks that want to begin very quickly to ensure a safer working and dwelling setting for the folks in the south of the country. The Djerba lesson of joint local effort and agressive media lobbiying can be used as a primary step within the fight towards these polluting industries. The occasions in Djerba have demonstrated that Tunisians need to get well their religion in two very useful resources whose utility they could have forgotten within the crippling disillusionment that adopted the 2011 uprising.

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