Application Fee with documents:

  • Application Fee with documents is 1000RMB to 2000RMB  (approx. 200$ to 300$)
  • Student wishing for applying MBBS in China have to pay application fee with documents to be processed by the university.
After Jw202 Arrival ( Visa Letter by MOE China ):
  • After receiving documents, we will start the process of Jw202 letter/Visa letter and as we get Jw202 letter/Visa letter by MOE China student will apply for a visa in Chinese Embassy with proper documentation.
  • When we will get stamped visa for the student, he/she will clear the remaining development, management and service fee mentioned in the fee package of your selected university either in Pakistan or in China. It depends upon the latest rules and regulations. We will inform you prior to applying for MBBS in China.
Note : If any student will not pay (Development, management charges and service fee) before arrival to the university, our Company have rights to cancel his/her admission and University can send student back to their respective country.
Refund Policy (Special Note) :
  • Application Fee is REFUNDABLE if Sinoway Education Consultant can not issue Jw202 ( Visa Letter by MOE China ) and the application fee will be non-refundable if student applied and not want to go after that.
  • Also Development/management/Service fee will not be refunded to the student.
  • Refund Policy of University Tuition Fee and Hostel Fee will be According to the University Rules and
  • Regulations and According to MOE China, we have no Concern with this policy.
Payment method:
  • Pakistani students can pay via Bank account, Jazz cash, Easy paisa or by Visit to our office.
  • Students other than Pakistan can pay via our PayPal account, Western Union or by Money gram.
  • “For students other than Pakistan, our Chinese representative will at first take the interview of the student on Skype or Zoom to check the English proficiency.”

Company Bank Account For Payment

Bank: HBL Bank
Account Title: Sinoway Education Consultant
Account #: 0386980850486 Branch code: 0546