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The cost of MBBS in China starts at PKR 500,000/year and for 6 years it is PKR 3,000,000 Approx.. If include monthly expenses and other university expenses it goes around PKR 4,000,000 for 6 years.  The cost of MBBS in China is very less than compared to other First World Countries and every student must avail this opportunity to secure their future.

MBBS in China is a good option only if you select A-category universities. International Students must make sure that the university they are choosing is recognized by Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) ,  WHO(World Health Organization), ECFMG and their teaching medium is in English/Bilingual.

MBBS in China is for 6 years duration.5 years of study include Chinese language and Medical Subjects and 6th year is an Internship which students can choose to do in affiliated hospitals of their selected university or according to the university regulations they can choose to do Internship in their home country as well.

In China, MBBS is called Clinical Medicine in non-MOE listed universities. In 45 Listed universities, it is called MBBS. Some universities also teach Clinical Medicine integrated with Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. But students pursuing this major must check eligibility or equivalence to MBBS from their medical national license exams.

MBBS in China is English taught for International students. However, some universities teach in a Bilingual medium.

China education infrastructure is highly developed and all institutes are regulated by Ministry of Education. Their hospitals are well equipped and they use modern teaching technics to flourish their students. The Institutes are subsidize by China Govt. to bring down Education cost to increase their Literacy rate, Therefore its a great opportunity for international students to take benefit from this purvey and become Professional Doctor in low cost. Additionally, students have to pay less fee as compared to Pakistan’s private Medical colleges.

China is very developed and provides a high-class sense of security to its citizens. Almost every corner is covered by Cameras, Police Stations, and Security agencies. However, it’s quite reasonable to take precautions while Exploring China or walking at night.

Search for a good university where foreigners are already studying. The easiest way to apply is to Apply online using www.sinowayconsultants.com This website is a private organization based in Pakistan and is well-reputed for its work and commitment.

The 5 main benefits of studying MBBS in China are as follows:

  • Low-Cost Tuition and Hostel fee
  • Affordable Living Expenses
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Exploring and Travelling
  • Business and Work Opportunities

MBBS from China is valid in Pakistan. MBBS from China is valid all over the world if the university is recognized by Medical Commission (PMC) ,  WHO(World Health Organization), ECFMG etc.

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