Djerba Island

Any attempts to show the heavy environmental toll of those foreign-owned factories can hurt the region`s financial standing, improve unemployment, and undermine Tunisia`s relationship with its European counterparts. One distinctive customized and spotlight of the yr for Tunisian Jews is the yearly pilgrimage to Djerba. During the time of Lag BaOmer, 1000’s of Jews make a pilgrimage to hope on the El Ghriba synagogue in honor of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, two great sages who died during that point of yr.

Many senior Tunisian leaders, including the prime minister, have visited the synagogue in the past, and this yr the government increased safety to encourage more guests. The Djerba synagogue is an important image of Tunisia’s wealthy cultural heritage and its lengthy history of religious tolerance and coexistence. Another 4 guests and four police officers had been wounded in the attack, the first on overseas guests to Tunisia since 2015 and the primary on the pilgrimage to the Ghriba synagogue since a suicide truck bombing killed 21 people in 2002.

The EU and US should reassert themselves with the Saied regime, balancing confidence with humility — main with values, acknowledging their colonial past, and conditioning financial help on the respect of democratic and human rights values. A relationship based mostly on safety and centralized energy did not address the financial and political aspirations of Tunisians. In 2009, whereas Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s dictatorial regime dominated from Tunis, dozens of human rights and feminist defenders gathered in a neighbouring country for a dialogue which couldn’t happen inside Tunisia on the time. A outstanding journalist, on discovering that a victim of the assault held an Israeli passport, asked if the country was mourning Zionists. The reasons for this declining population are rooted in current history.

These service provider inns mixed sleeping quarters, animal stabling, and warehouse storage for the many touring retailers who traversed North Africa, shopping for up salt, spices, and textiles to take back to Europe. Their typical construction usually took the form of a collection of rooms, several stories excessive, built around an arcaded courtyard. There are so many extra customs and fascinating details about this group, and very little has been revealed in English that efficiently depicts the distinctive nature of the community. However, even a thorough article can not actually illustrate the Djerbian neighborhood, and it actually takes being there in individual to grasp the lives of the Jews on this small island. While many Sephardim do not fall into the neat categories of spiritual ranges and group affiliations often used by Ashkenazic Jews, this is very true of Djerbians.

If you’re into historical past and tempted to know extra, you presumably can guide a neighborhood guide to tell you all the hidden details of historical past books. The Tunisian foreign ministry mentioned one of many visitors killed was French and one was Tunisian. Make your method to the other small Jewish enclave of Hara Kebira, the place there’s another stunning old synagogue, to try Tunisian Jewish delicacies. There are a big selection of eating options within the neighbourhood, and all are kosher, so there’s no pork, shellfish or mixing of milk and meat.

In 2002, an al Qaeda affiliate despatched a truck bomb loaded with explosives to assault the legendary Ghriba synagogue, located in the Hara Sgira, the smaller of Djerba’s two Jewish quarters. Nearly two dozen folks were killed, most of them German tourists, and plenty of extra have been wounded. Only last spring, two Jewish retailers had been stabbed by Muslim assailants. Although local authorities said the attacks weren’t motivated by religion, the violence nonetheless made the group anxious. TUNIS, Tunisia — The number of people killed in a gun assault on a synagogue on the Tunisian island of Djerba during an annual Jewish pilgrimage has risen to five, Tunisia’s TAP information company stated Wednesday.

The solely freshwater sources on the island are a couple of wells within the northeast and rainwater captured by cisterns. This limits local agriculture to date palms of mediocre quality, olive bushes, fruit trees, and some grains and legumes. The practices concerning the interactions between women and men current another fascinating side of the community. In common, Djerbian women don’t go to shul, and many of the shuls do not have women’s sections.

Many people come right here simply for the beaches, however the town itself has an old school air regardless of the numerous vacationer resorts. It is an excellent place to lap up some Tunisian provincial tradition. Sitting on the Akkara Peninsula, with a shoreline of pretty white beaches, Zarzis is southern Tunisia’s second main tourist center (after Djerba). Guellala can be residence to the Guellala Museum, which is targeted on native tradition. Within the museum, numerous dioramas do an excellent job of explaining Djerba’s traditional life and cultures. The collection of various traditional costumes is particularly good, although the displays themselves are a bit drained.

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